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When the Sea turns Grey
Rippling crests of blue and green,
All begin to fade away,
Until it was unremembered what was lost,
When the sea turned grey,
Memories of happiness,
Last only for today,
Listlessness forevermore,
When the sea turns grey,
Although the sun will rise,
There is no light within the day,
Rays of shadow on ashen sands,
When the sea turns grey,
Not enough time to seek happiness,
When we all have our roles to play,
Ever searching for one another,
When the sea turns grey,
Lovers' hands will draw apart,
To their hapless dismay,
Cleaved together, cleaved apart,
When the sea turns grey,
Blood within the water,
Cannot even stay,
Water becomes even thicker,
When the sea turns grey,
Heartbeats cannot be heard,
They cannot find a way,
To overcome the crashing waves,
When the sea turns grey,
All precious things are cast adrift,
No longer on display,
Vibrant things are unremembered,
When the sea turns grey,
Riptides will pull us from,
The dreams we sought, we pray,
That those dreams will return,
When the
:iconoverlordcthulhu:OverlordCthulhu 1 0
Mature content
Earth and Sea :iconoverlordcthulhu:OverlordCthulhu 1 0
Haiku collection
Snow falls on black fields
Cherry trees wither alone
I shall rest beneath.

Night falls on the land
Borders between life and death
Ink traces the moon.

She made no promise
Here I shall remain and wait
Until the stars fade.

Emptiness echoes
As waves upon the ocean
Where there are no shores.

She smiled at me
Lost inside her kindly eyes
She drifted away.

When I am to die
Do not mark my resting place
Let me fade away.

Pain is transient
Yet a gloom pervades the spirit
A butterfly wilts.

Cherry trees blossom
Yet each petal reminds me
Of days long since past.

Snow falls in silence
A woman dances outside
She beckons to me.

Waves crash without end
The moon watches silently
As I embrace them.

Pink petals in fields
Where my brothers lie in red
I grow weary here.

Gnarled branches reach
Towards hollow winter skies
The wind whispering.

As I walk this path
I follow the stars above
I see not the earth.
:iconoverlordcthulhu:OverlordCthulhu 1 3
The haggard wizard sat behind his simple wooden desk, surrounded by innumerable vials of arcane liquid, ancient grimoires, chemical scents, and devices that defied any conventional description.  More recent to the clutter was a small pile of crumpled parchment, each filled with black scribblings representing formulas and innumerable equations.  He let out a sigh, his black, stained robes sagging as his shoulders lowered, his ashy beard brushing against his desk’s surface.  
          After a moment of contemplation, the tired grey eyes followed the pen that his calloused fingers grasped, more black scribbles filling the parchment until it was full.  With another sigh, a sight more harsh than the last, his free hand gripped at the paper and forced it to comform to his clenched fist, adding it to his growing mountain of discarded attempts.  These series of events were repeated in a mechanical fashion, until the sun set, rose, and se
:iconoverlordcthulhu:OverlordCthulhu 2 2
Hail the Great Nothing,
The Void in your Mind,
That contains all of the parts of you,
That you dearly despise,
Worship the Great Nothing,
And its seething grasp,
Allow It to smother you,
In its rotten caress,
Praise the Great Nothing,
The Void in your Heart,
Dare show naught but a smile,
When its fangs rend you apart,
Prostrate before the Great Nothing,
You half-formed vermin, swine!
For what would you even be,
If not for the Nothing’s disguise?
Flagellate yourself for Nothing,
Peel your flesh away,
Confess your guilt,
Bear the Cross,
It will always be this way,
Hold your tongue for Nothing,
Embrace your heart’s decay,
Be true to self-loathing,
Seek aid for naught,
It will always be this way,
Know that you are Nothing,
Eternally bound; forever free,
Endlessly drowning in shades of grey,
Pitiful cries cannot save  you,
:iconoverlordcthulhu:OverlordCthulhu 1 0
Mature content
Heart Rot :iconoverlordcthulhu:OverlordCthulhu 1 3
Long had she followed the song of the sea, its gentle sighs, its thundering roars, its ominous grumbles, its sorrowful dirges, and all of the colours of sound in between.  Alone she walked among the waves, feeling more at peace than in the cacophonous din of a crowd, or the bitter silence of an empty room.  Cool and smooth within her grasp, an unoccupied, opalescent shell rested on a chain about her neck, as warm sea-water embraced her ankles in an unceasing cycle.  As the fading sunlight danced amongst the ebb and flow of the distant waves, she felt compelled to wade ever deeper until the water flowed about her pale legs and grasped at the edges of her aquamarine skirt.  She let out a sigh, her lips turning into a gentle smile, her mind urging her amber eyes to peer beneath the veil of the surface to see the teaming life that swam beneath, to little avail.  The very thought, however, still filled her with wonder as she imagined the forms of the beautiful and t
:iconoverlordcthulhu:OverlordCthulhu 1 0
Mature content
Soldier :iconoverlordcthulhu:OverlordCthulhu 1 0
Agatha and Stryge: COLLAB
A somber shadow fell upon the snowy city streets.  Neon signs coloured the night in their dazzling radiance, yet even their light could not banish this murky darkness heralded in by the cold.  This frozen darkness knew neither innocence nor guilt, it merely acted upon its inherent nature, blanketing the city and snuffing out warmth wherever it dwelled.  Those who could retreated to their homes, where the shadows could not reach them, nor steal their warmth.
Some, however, had little choice in the matter.  Poverty, like the dark, had neither bias nor moral code.  The impoverished, both young and old, had to endure nights like these, huddling together or wandering alone.  Many hated the shadow, and the cold it had taken with it, but one little girl was at one with it.  Her pale skin like the moon upon the surface of the sea, her tiny footsteps revealed with each light plod that she wore no shoes upon her feet. 
:iconoverlordcthulhu:OverlordCthulhu 3 1
Predator: DotS Prologue
The two yaujta circled, all too familiar with the methods of a fellow hunter.  Both waited for an opening, a failing in the other's vigilance.  One was slightly larger than his opponent, self-inflicted scars replete upon his mottled flesh, his expressionless mask engraved with tic-marks.  He was leaning forward, taking his steps briskly, his whole body quivering as a low growl slithered from his throat.  His smaller opponent did not flinch, his comparably unmarred flesh drenched with blood from a fresh kill, his belt adored with the still-dripping skull.  In the distance, seven large, grim yaujta watched the two Youngbloods with a stoic demeanour, the eldest of their group clacking his tusks occasionally.  Their armour was scarred from thousands of hunts, festooned with trophies of past glories, their black masks spectre-like as they stood in shadow.
Finally, the larger yaujta could be patient no more, disregarding his opponen
:iconoverlordcthulhu:OverlordCthulhu 5 7
Phoenix Rising
Blazon of rebirth, of searing flame,
Never living one life exactly the same,
With a new age, the old one is lost,
Only echoes and scars remain,
Memories consumed, fuel for wisdom,
The realization of what you shall become,
Released from the shackles of hindering frost,
Submitting to the heat, it does wane,
As winter prepares for its next assault,
To attempt to make you surrender to your fault,
Remember well what the past has taught,
For burning within you is its bane,
For within you is a beautiful, radiant love,
The parts the shadows and dark skies above,
Forged in your heart, expertly wrought,
No force can spark rebirth to your pain,
For unlike the Great Phoenix,
It cannot be reborn again.
:iconoverlordcthulhu:OverlordCthulhu 3 2
'Twas Brillig by OverlordCthulhu 'Twas Brillig :iconoverlordcthulhu:OverlordCthulhu 10 7 Rattlesnake Jake by OverlordCthulhu Rattlesnake Jake :iconoverlordcthulhu:OverlordCthulhu 22 21
A Fairy Tale
Gather 'round, young ones and old,
And listen well to this tale to be told,
Mystery in this world has yet to die,
Enigma still be a term very true and tried,
Raconteurs still speak in archaic rhyme,
And like those tales: This was once upon a Time…

Hannelore was the shining example of a good little girl.  She always said her "pleases" and "thank-yous", and even though her family was never very rich, she still curtsied with as much grace and dignity as anyone of royal blood.  One would think that a mother would find nothing to cause her grief in such a sweet young girl, but mothers have a way of either seeing their child as infallible, or never quite satisfactory enough (not to say that good mothers that indulge in neither do not exist!), and the latter was the case with Hannelore's mother.
Why was this?  Well, Hannelore was a bit of a free spirit.  Indeed, she was polite and considerate, but she would not do something she did not want
:iconoverlordcthulhu:OverlordCthulhu 4 12
Love of the Sea
Ethereal lights shine unto darkened deeps,
Softly, silently ebbs the tide,
Whispering words unknown,
Waiting, watching, for its time,
To flow over the horizon and touch the sky,
And place its stars upon the beach,
For in each star, the sea shall know,
Of  beauty on its shore,
For even when the sun is gone,
It shall feel warmth forevermore,
Far below, where darkness reigns,
That warmth pulses on,
Of the timeless tale of a single heart,
Composed of two beating as one,
For our hearts weave their own stars,
And even in the blackest depths,
The frigid cold cannot reach our veins,
For the feelings which our two hearts share,
Does not even have a name,
Desperately I grasp at every heartfelt truth,
Between every breath and embrace,
I feverishly try to speak these words to you,
Although it seems in vain,
Clumsy constructs words might be,
Not able to fully define,
The emotion that consume all pain,
And leave naught but joy behind,
Clumsy constructs words might be,
This is surely true,
:iconoverlordcthulhu:OverlordCthulhu 4 3
Listen close, and you shall hear,
The beating of a heart so near,
Its pain is that of altruistic desire,
And no words shall ever quench its fire,
When this heart bleeds, mine follows suite,
For they are bound like sky and sea,
Forever stretching, singing, though mute,
I would sacrifice every last bit of me,
To shield even the slightest needle from drawing blood,
From this splendorous, boundless treasure,
This heart of a saint.
This heart that would hang upon a cross,
To cleave all people from feeling loss,
This heart of flesh and blood and bone,
Would face the entire world's agony alone,
Fortunate, then, is fickle Fate,
That this glorious heart should find,
Another to stand and bear its pain,
And cast its misery aside,
For I am the shadow upon the light,
And where it shimmers, I am beside,
Forevermore, through darkest day and deepest night,
This love is ours to share.
:iconoverlordcthulhu:OverlordCthulhu 4 3

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The Ancient of Destruction
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I am a turbonerd who does nerdy things, mostly reading and writing.

I suffer from a few mental illnesses, as well as being quite dedicated towards working on my degree in Marine Biology, so I shall not be able to update CONSTANTLY, but I will do so as much as I can!

I like Dark Souls (both games), Mogeko Castle, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, Touhou, Berserk, and literature from both the East and West of a multitude of genres. Mainly fantasy and sci-fi. That translates into my writing style, with my biggest inspiration being H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe from the West and Saigyo Hoshi and plenty of unknown authors from the East.

Annnd that's about it!
So yeah, because a person quite close to me is becoming more active on DA, and I have written a lot of new stuff and kind out of a rather depressive state, I do believe I shall attempt to update this more often.  I am not certain if there will be a "schedule", but since I am writing far, far more than I ever have, I suppose I should still be making an effort on this front.  If only for the people who still watch me here and wonder where I have been, or want to see new stuff of mine (for whatever reason.)

Regardless, I shall be posting up a slew of stuff quite soon that I have only posted on Tumblr, and perhaps some I haven't!  We shall see. That being it!

But yes, that is all.

Also I cleared out all of my other journal entries...some were dated, some were embarrassing, but, yes, fresh start.
  • Listening to: Touhou muzak
  • Reading: The Art of War-Sun Tzu
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  • Playing: WITH LIFE
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